Chod Rig Bundle

Chod Rig Bundle

Here we have everything you will need to create 10 of your own perfect Chod Rigs. 


In this bundled together pack, worth £26.45, you will recieve :


1x Pack of SP Chod Hooks

1x Pack R-Swivels (Ring)

1x Chod Filament

1x Pack of 360 Screws

1x Tungten Putty 


For an extra 3.99, add in the Chod Safety System, ready to add to your leader. 


Chod Rig's can give you a significant edge to your angling. There’s no doubt that the chod rig has now firmly established its place in the armoury of the modern day carp angler. A cast anywhere, fish anywhere rig, it gives carp anglers the ability to present a bait over any type of bottom.For anyone who doesn’t know, chod is the term given to leaf matter and debris on the bottom so, as you can imagine, the autumn months, when the leaves are falling from the trees, are the worst time of year for this!The chod isn’t only an autumn rig though; it can be used to great effect on any water where weed or deep silt can cause potential problems with presenting a bait. 

    Barbed / Barbless
    Chod Safety System

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