Pidgeon Conditioner 1Kg

Pidgeon Conditioner 1Kg

Pigeon Conditioner 1kg
Pigeon Conditioner has long been a favourite of the carp angler, thanks to both its versatility and its ease of preparation. It is a particle mixed that is loved by both the novice angler and the life long fanatic alike – as well as the carp you’re trying to catch, of course! Copdock Mill Pigeon Conditioner uses the very best ingredients in order to create a devastatingly attractive particle mix that can be used in conjunction with a groundbait or on its own to create a cloudy carpet that fish simply cannot resist. What’s more, this mix has been manufactured using Copdock Mill’s century of animal feed manufacturing experience, ensuring that only the most tried and tested elements are used to create exceptional results on the bank.
One of the biggest benefits of Copdock Mill Pigeon Conditioner is the ease with which it can be prepared. All you need is a pan, some water, and just a little patience!
Firstly, you need to choose an appropriate container. You’re going to be filling a third of this with your Pigeon Conditioner, so you need to ensure that your pan is going to be able to produce the quantity of mix that you require. Then you top this up with water until the pan is approximately thirds full. If you’re going to add any additional flavouring then this is the ideal time to do it, as it really allows these flavours to be absorbed by the mix. However, adding additional flavourings is not necessary, as this is an exceptionally potent mix alone. This is where the start of the patience comes in, as you need to set this mixture aside for at least 24 hours. This will allow the seeds within the mix to absorb the majority of the water, almost doubling in size. At this point you can begin to boil your mix.
You need to let the mixture come to a rapid boil before turning off the heat and placing a lid over the mixture. This is where the real cooking happens, as it allows the mix to absorb the final bits of water, as well as allowing any remaining liquid to really thicken and become viscous. If the mixture starts to look too dry you can always add additional boiling water to it at this point. It might take up to an hour for the mix to fully cool. You can then transfer the mix to a bucket and it is ready to go! You can use this mixture straight away if you so desire, but leaving it for a couple of days will allow the Copdock Mill Pigeon Conditioner to release some of its syrupy juices, creating an additional potency. You can also freeze the mixture at this point, which will preserve it for a couple of months.
Preparing the Copdock Mill Pigeon Conditioner in this manner will ensure that the seeds are soft, so they will sink when added to you swim. It is important, too, to ensure that the seeds have absorbed their maximum amount of moisture, as this will prevent them from swelling in their stomach and potentially causing them harm. Copdock Mill Pigeon Conditioner is the perfect particle mix to use when you’re targeting a range of species, including carp, bream, tench, and barbel. This has made it a popular bait among the carp and coarse fishing community

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