Crafty Catcher Big Hit 15mm 2kg Boilies

Crafty Catcher Big Hit 15mm 2kg Boilies

For anglers who like to bait up a lot! Great boilies with a good scent and an irresistible attraction. The aromas and fragrances start immediately with attracting fish.

These 2kg packs will last you a full session and come with FREE pop-ups of matching flavour! 


  • Features four new variation boilie flavours
  • Strawberry Cream, Tutti Frutti, Fresh Pineapple and Squid &Octopus
  • Now available in re-sealable carry out packs
  • Perfect for weekends or trips abroad
  • As well as any situation where you need a lot of bait
  • Contains free pop ups


Crafty Catcher Big Hit Boilies 2kg,

The Crafty Catcher Big Hit Boilies 2kg feature four new variations of the all time classic boilie flavours. Strawberry Cream, Tutti Frutti, Fresh Pineapple and Squid & Octopus are now available in Crafty Catchers new re-sealable carry out packs. Perfect for weekends, trips abroad or any situation where you need a lot of bait. Contains free pop ups.


Crafty Catcher is one of the oldest and most respected UK bait brands and boasts over 30 years of experience and innovation in carp bait development and manufacturing. All of their products are manufactured at a purpose-built factory in Suffolk England, using the very best ingredients, state-of-the-art production techniques, the staff that know what it takes to produce the best carp boilies on the market. Crafty Catcher produce carp boilies, particles, liquids, specialist hook baits and other dry mixes, all formulated to bring incredible results at affordable prices. Crafty Catcher is a brand embedded in the history of Carp Fishing, they have perfected a quality carp fishing bait for the serious Carp & Specimen angler.

With top quality ingredients, crafty catcher have perfected shelf life boilies for those quick sessions on the bank. If you don’t have enough room in the freezer, or you don’t want to keep on re-freezing frozen boilies, then crafty catcher big hit boilies are perfect for you. In a re-sealable bag which is perfect for keeping your boilies fresh, you can keep them in your fishing tackle bag and re-use the re-sealable bag. The Big Hit range is an incredible fishmeal combination which has landed many big carp over the years, it is a brilliant summer carp bait and 2kg for £7.49 is certainly a deal you don’t want to miss out on.


2kg pack of Big Hit boilies and a free small pack of Pop-Ups for £7.49 provides an affordable bundle of the best carp bait giving you the opportunity to ‘match the hatch’ with the matching pop ups if you are fishing over weed or a dirty bottom where a bottom bait wouldn’t be ideal to present. You can bait up with a bed of the bottom baits and present a pop up of the same flavour over the top. Crafty catcher pride themselves in creating the best carp boilies, they are ideal for beginners who want a starter pack of boilies and pop ups and great for the experienced angler who is spending a lot of time on the bank, where frozen baits can go off.

The results speak for themselves, the carp which have been caught across the UK and Europe on the crafty catcher range have been consistent over the last 30 years, the fishmeal and oil content within the squid & octopus range makes the bait ideal for warmer water, fishmeal baits come into their own in the spring and summer months, the attractants within the boilie permeate the warmer water easier allowing greater leakage from the boilie and providing extra attraction to those hungry carp! This classic combination of fishmeals has certainly stood the test of time, we believe it ranks itself as one of the best carp baits for summer.


The protein content within the crafty catcher boilies can’t be ignored, with a high protein content enabling the boilie to break down effectively. This will ensure the carp will keep coming back for more, whilst the carp are active and searching out boilies in the warmer weather.


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