Fresh Pineapple 15mm Boilies Smart Baits

Fresh Pineapple 15mm Boilies Smart Baits

Our own Pineapple 15mm Boilies -


We have finally released our first own brand boilies here at Smart Baits! We have tested this product for in excess of a year now, to ensure that the 5 released recipes are spot on and perfect everytime. 


We have focused on making sure that the boilies immediately diffuse their flavour to attract fish to the desired area. The recipe ensures that their protein-rich composition stimulates the appetite of carp whilst still having both a good breakdown rate and a good digestability rate for the safety of the fish. 


Our 3 pillars of Development :


Fast acting - Fast diffusion of flavours and particles makes Smart Baits strongly attractive.

Palatability - Simple, natural and effective recipes for baiting and groundbaiting.

Versatility - Boilie designed for intensive fishing and/or heavy groundbaiting.


To provide you with an INSTANTLY EFFECTIVE yet ECONOMICAL boilie, our engineers have chosen simplicity over complexity when choosing the ingredients for each recipe. Hence Smart Baits boilies are essentially made up of three types of meal (corn, wheat, soya) and seeds (rapeseed). This approach allows us to offer affordable boilies of extreme quality thanks to the use of recipes with high-grade meal: QUALITY FIRST!


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