Spinner Rig Bundle

Spinner Rig Bundle

Here we have everything you will need to create 10 of your own perfect Chod Rigs. 
In this bundled together pack, worth £36.52, you will recieve :
1x Pack of Curver Shank Hooks -
1x Pack MR-Swivels (Micro Ring)
1x Pack of Hook Beads
1x Pack of Kickers (Black)
1x Pack S-Swivels (Spinner)
1x ArmourWeave or ArmourBoom - 20 Meters
1x Tungten Putty 
1x Pack Stiff Anti-Tangle Sleeves
The Spinner Rig, or Ronnie Rig has definitely been the breakthrough set-up of the last couple of years, and its popularity stems from a number of aspects of its design.
Firstly, much like the Multi Rig, you can change your hook without having to destroy the whole hooklink. Just pop it off the quick-change swivel and attach a fresh one. This makes it ideal for use on well-stocked venues where bites come thick and fast. You can swap out a blunted hook for a fresh one quickly and get back to the job in hand.
The Spinner Rig is ideal for presenting a low lying pop-up
Another key part of the Spinner Rig is the way it presents your pop-up low to the lakebed. Your hookbait is elevated only by the height of the hook and the swivel, so it stays free of debris and detritus but doesn’t hover unnaturally or look too out of place. If a fish is swooping in for a big mouthful of freebies, having your hookbait placed just above the loose offerings makes it much more likely to be sucked in.
The relatively low elevation of the hookbait does mean that the Spinner Rig is best used on generally clear areas. In weedy or ‘chuck it and chance it’ scenarios it might be best to opt for a Chod or Hinged Stiff Rig.
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